"The stormy life can be braved only by the heart's sunny meditations." - Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy Centre

For those who have sought personal guidance and mentorship in deepening their own understanding of the self and the world, Sri Chinmoy has extended himself as a teacher, offering instruction in meditation and philosophy.

In strict accordance with Eastern tradition, Sri Chinmoy does not charge for his service and assistance, believing that peace is every humans birthright.

A number of Sri Chinmoy’s students are themselves quite accomplished, having completed endurance events such as swimming the English Channel, scaling Himalayan peaks, or setting Guinness World Records. More importantly, through a deeper understanding of Sri Chinmoy’s teachings, quite a few have been able to achieve a greater sense of inner peace and fulfillment.

“Two of Sri Chinmoy’s students: Ashrita Furman, who holds more Guinness World Records than anyone on earth, and Suprabha Beckjord, one of the world’s most accomplished ultra-distance runners.

“The physical and the spiritual must go together. They cannot be separated.” – Sri Chinmoy