"The stormy life can be braved only by the heart's sunny meditations." - Sri Chinmoy

Awards from National Leaders and Institutions

Sri Chinmoy has received numerous awards from national leaders and institutions, including:

·       Great Gross of Vasco Núnez de Balboa, the highest Panamanian decoration

·       Ambassador of Peace of Puerto Rico, presented by Governor Rafael Colón

·       Twentieth Century’s First Global Man, tribute messages presented by over 30 world leaders

·       United Nations Silver Medallion, presented by UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim

·       Nehru Medallion, presented by UNESCO

·       Heart of UN Progress, presented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

·       Mother Teresa Award, presented by President of Macedonia, Boris Trajkovski

·       Jesse Owens Humanitarian Award, presented by the Jesse Owens Foundation

·       Presidential Medallion of Slovakia, presented by President Michal Kovác

·       Pilgrim of Peace Award, presented by the Centro Internationale Per la Pace Fra I Popoli, Italy

·       Prince of the Royal palace of Surakarta, presented by Kind Pakoeboewono XII, Indonesia

·       Presidential Medallion of Indonesia, presented by Vice President Hamzah Haz

·       Pro Cultura Hungarica, presented by the Minister of Culture of Hungary

·       Medal for Peace and Friendship Among Nations, presented by the Government of Viet Nam

·       Austria: The Heart of Europe Award, presented by leading Members of Parliament of Austria

·       Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic, conferred by President Ferene Mádl

·       Sahat Mitra of Cambodia, highest national award presented to a citizen of another country

·       Pax Africana Award, Nigeria

·       Medal of Friendship, presented by President Nambaryn, Enkhbayar, Mongolia