"The stormy life can be braved only by the heart's sunny meditations." - Sri Chinmoy

Meetings with World Leaders

Sri Chinmoy has met with hundreds of heads of state and national and local leaders for dialogue for peace and progress. He has held meditations and addressed numerous parliaments and congresses, including those in the United States, Canada, Australia, Norway and the United Kingdom.

Sri Chinmoy has been invited by many leaders and luminaries to offer his philosophy for achieving world peace and has been privileged to share inspiration with some of the greatest figures of our time, many of whom have  participated in his activities such as the World Harmony Run, The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles, the Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossoms Programme and the Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart Award.

“I know that you too strive to ease unnecessary suffering and have, indeed, helped many, many people.” – Princess Diana

“The heart of every human being can leave behind a legacy of world-illumining compassion.” – Sri Chinmoy

“Sri Chinmoy … I am extremely grateful to you … your blessings for our country have really affected my life and also the life of our country in a very positive and unexpected way.”

“The very next day when I met the President, he told me how deeply moved he was by his meeting with you. Then he said, ‘Haryono, we have to work harder for the poor!’ The rest is an amazing story.

“Every day now, new donors from various countries are coming forward to help feed our millions of hungry people. New hope is in my heart and in the hearts of my countrymen .” – Prof. Dr. Naryono Suyono, State Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare and Poverty Alleviation, Indonesia

“I can think of no worthier task for a man or a woman to be engaged in than that of creating the tools for international co-operation and working for the betterment of his fellow human beings.” – U Thant , Third Secretary-General of the United Nations

“Every day our hearts are born with new hopes.” – Sri Chinmoy

President Gorbachev: A man in a million, a heart in a billion, and a soul in a trillion. - Sri Chinmoy

“Your deeds are invaluable, for they cannot be measured by any economic or political parameters. They are noble and cure the human soul.” – President Mikhail Gorbachev (from one of over 100 letters he has written to Sri Chinmoy)

“Whoever genuinely desires to redress humanity’s suffering feels behind him one hundred percent the living presence of Mandela’s heart.” – Sri Chinmoy

“My brother in peace … we acknowledge the tremendous contribution which you and your peace movement are making to promote global peace. The people of our country are both humbled and honoured to have received inspiration and encouragement from you during our struggle for democracy.” – President Nelson Mandela

Excerpt from Time Magazine, July 29th, 1991 Spiritual Aid is Easier to Obtain

A few eyebrows were raised by an unusual private meeting MIKHAIL GORBACHEV scheduled during the London economic summit. The Soviet leader took time out from importuning Western leaders for economic help to greet his friend SRI CHINMOY … As French President Francois Mitterrand watched from the side, Gorbachev accepted a book of praise from the spiritual leader, who is based in Queens, N.Y. Gorbachev, who has been known to sprinkle speeches with terminology about his vision for a “new civilization” that obeys “new laws and logic,” first met the guru last year on a state visit to Canada.

“Be happy! Be happy! Be happy! Unless you are happy, you outer life will not succeed and your inner life will not proceed.” – Sri Chinmoy


During his visit to Indonesia, in 2003, Sri Chinmoy was made a Prince of the Royal Palace of Surakarta by King Pakoeboewono XII, with all the rights and privileges accorded thereof – a striking if not unprecedented action by a Muslim King towards an Indian spiritual figure.

“How can you lose in the battlefield of life if you are already well-acquainted with the real in you: your heart’s aspiration-cry?” – Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy was the inaugural recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest national award of East Timor. He is pictured here at a special ceremony in Dili, East Timor in 2004, Sri Chinmoy had brought the then-largest international delegation ever to the nation.