"The stormy life can be braved only by the heart's sunny meditations." - Sri Chinmoy

Peace Concerts

Since 1984 Sri Chinmoy has performed over 800 concerts for peace and inner harmony at venues worldwide, including Carnegie Hall, the Sydney opera House, Royal Albert Hall, Lincoln center and the Budokan Hall – always free of charge.

Audiences of up to 19,000 persons have sat in silence, captivated by the haunting melodies of his solo performances on flute, viola, violin, Indian esraj, cello, synthesizer, piano, harmonium, slide guitar and host of other instruments.

In total, over 1 million people have joined together to share in silence their own hopes and aspirations for a more harmonious world.

A true Maestro, Sri Chinmoy constantly composes and practices to deepen his own musicality and the depth of his musical offerings to the world.

“Sri Chinmoy himself performed one haunting number on the esraj, and a lovely, very modern flute essay pretty enough to make a deer lay its head in the musician’s lap.” – WASHINGTON POST

“This was an evening for silent meditation and for haunting tunes, played on Indian flute, esraj and other instruments, sent into the crisp evening air by Sri Chinmoy.” – LOS ANGELES TIMES

“I feel that when I play soulful music and when I sing my spiritual songs, I can offer whatever peace I have to humanity,” – Sri Chinmoy